Maybe God Knows What He’s Doing?

(This is not a final thought on this subject, but for me a string of endless thoughts on just one subject – today relating to the Supreme Court decision.  If I wrote this tomorrow, it very well could take a different direction and tone. For today, this is what I am thinking, which is what I do, maybe too much. But as always it is just something to put in your theological pipe and think about.)

The world is going to Hell in a hand-basket and the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states is just the latest salvo in an all out attack on morals and values.


And if you believe that you might be having a difficult time right now.

How could this happen? How did we fall so far so fast? Are we really abandoning traditional values at such an alarming rate?

If we dig deeper, the real question being asked is…

What is God doing?

God is in control. God is sovereign. God is all knowing.

The Bible even teaches that God is the one who puts leaders in power (Romans 13:1).

And that God directs them what to do (Proverbs 21:1).

So, if God is in control and God puts leaders in power and God directs them what to do…what conclusion can we take from what the Supreme Court did?

I would say the answer is…

God knows what He is doing.

The decision of the Supreme Court was a 5-4 vote.

When the decision was announced, there was great joy and celebrating for some people and for many Christians there was disillusionment, disgust, and many questions.

How are Christians to react? Do we stand up and shout? Do we voice our displeasure on social media? Do we call down judgment on the people?

Or do we pray? Do we temper our righteous anger and offer love and grace and understanding even in the midst of a world that seems aligned against us?

All good questions that I believe many Christians are asking themselves. Which is a good thing.

For had the outcome been different, had one Supreme Court justice had a different opinion and the court would have upheld the ban on same sex marriages in the states that had voted that way, what would the reactions be?

Homosexuals would be mad, hurt, disillusioned, and angry.

And Christians would be rejoicing. They would be happy. They would take to social media to remind the heathens that God is still God and that homosexuality is a sin and we do not condone sin.

And in doing so, we would not be showing the face of Jesus.

Jesus offers grace and mercy to the sinner.

He did to us.

He still does to others.

So maybe, just maybe Christians doing soul-searching on how to react and how to treat people they disagree with is a good thing.

Maybe Christians praying and seeking God for how to react in a world aligned against them is a good thing.

And maybe, just maybe God in His infinite wisdom knows that He is doing.

Arrogant, prideful, energized from a Supreme Court decision Christians might not have been the best at being salt and light to the world.

Humbled, searching Christians wondering how to proceed might be the best thing not just for us, but also for the world.

Grace and mercy works.

Sinners are sinners…they are lost, hurting, and thirsty. They believe that court decisions or things of this world are the answer.

They aren’t.

Only Jesus is.

God is still God. He is on His throne.

He has offered us grace and mercy though His Son.

And He calls us to show grace and mercy to the world.

Maybe, just maybe He knows what He is doing, because had the decision been different I do not know if grace and mercy would have been the response.

The world is going to Hell in a hand-basket under God’s control and the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states is just the latest salvo in an all out attack on morals and values part of His plan to bring glory to Himself.

3 thoughts on “Maybe God Knows What He’s Doing?

  1. I was thinking before I started reading this entry perhaps God is allowing (or after reading, directing) this as a way to separate the ‘men from the boys’ or ‘sheep from the shepherds’. Can we maintain faith and charity in the face of so much accelerated corruption. Maybe the class is winding down and the test ramps up.

    1. While the powers that be are ordained of God … Christ’s kingdom is not of this world … Romans 9:17. For the scripture says to Pharaoh, I have raised you up for the very purpose of displaying my power in you so that My name may be proclaimed the world over.

  2. Excellent point. And thats probably true too.
    Both takes could go together – maintaining faith and charity in the face of corruption, but doing it with grace and mercy. 🙂

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