Down for the Struggle

If you are struggling. Keep struggling. It’s better than not struggling. Better than giving in. Better than giving up.   Everyone struggles. There is no way around it. You have struggled, are struggling, and will struggle. It’s called life.   And contrary to some Christian teachers today, becoming a Christian does not exempt you fromContinue reading “Down for the Struggle”

Lesser of two evils…

Another election season…another time of melodramatic, hyperbolic wranglings about people moving if ‘so-and-so’ is elected, or how if ‘the-other-so-and-so’ is elected it will be the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine). You aren’t moving. And the world will keep turning after Nov. 8th. I’ve written about this before (seeContinue reading “Lesser of two evils…”

Running to Nowhere

  Just a poem on feelings from a moment in time…not much explanation is needed (I don’t think)… Running to Nowhere I can’t see the light Unforeseen forces push me about Doubts fill my head It won’t stop until I’m dead Running Running from you Running to you   I’m running Running Running Running toContinue reading “Running to Nowhere”

Where’s Ya Hope?

I have written about this before. Bears repeating, especially as the 2016 election heats up. Too often during political seasons we put our hope in politicians and also predict doom and gloom when someone we don’t like or agree with gets elected. Nothing wrong with that – unless you are a Christian. We believe GodContinue reading “Where’s Ya Hope?”