Down for the Struggle

If you are struggling. Keep struggling. It’s better than not struggling. Better than giving in. Better than giving up.   Everyone struggles. There is no way around it. You have struggled, are struggling, and will struggle. It’s called life.   And contrary to some Christian teachers today, becoming a Christian does not exempt you fromContinue reading “Down for the Struggle”

Running to Nowhere

  Just a poem on feelings from a moment in time…not much explanation is needed (I don’t think)… Running to Nowhere I can’t see the light Unforeseen forces push me about Doubts fill my head It won’t stop until I’m dead Running Running from you Running to you   I’m running Running Running Running toContinue reading “Running to Nowhere”

Maybe God Knows What He’s Doing?

(This is not a final thought on this subject, but for me a string of endless thoughts on just one subject – today relating to the Supreme Court decision.  If I wrote this tomorrow, it very well could take a different direction and tone. For today, this is what I am thinking, which is whatContinue reading “Maybe God Knows What He’s Doing?”

Fall in Love with Jesus (or Don’t Be an Adulterer)

I am still hesitant to announce to people that I am indeed a pastor. I recently planted a new church in Broken Arrow. One of the main tenants of Apostles Church is that everyone is an Apostle, or someone who is sent by God to bear witness to Jesus Christ. My reluctance to claim theContinue reading “Fall in Love with Jesus (or Don’t Be an Adulterer)”