So we got that coming to us

We hear about blessing (for some this is an evangelical codeword for money). We hear about peace, and joy…and yes those are ours in Christ.
What you don’t hear much about is trials and tribulations – which are also promised us in Christ.
Sounds like fun, huh?
Yes, we get to share in Christ’s glory (good). The Bible also says we get to share in His sufferings (uh, ouch).
Hey, I saw The Passion of the Christ – that did NOT look like fun.

Acts 14:22 says we must go through hardships to enter the Kingdom of God.
Martin Luther, in his 95 Theses said, “And let them thus be more confident of entering heaven through many tribulations rather than through a false assurance of peace.”

Not raining on any parades, just giving food for thought, or something to smoke in your theological pipe.

The good news – are you going through tough things? If you are, rejoice, because you are entering the Kingdom of God.

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