We Want You

A post I wrote on our church’s Facebook page. I think (so I could be wrong) it should go for every church and for every individual Christian as well…

If you are lost, or just lost your way.
If you are hurt, hurting, or have been hurt.
If you need something, but can’t seem to figure out what it is.
If you are looking for something, but can’t seem to find it.
If you are different.
If you are messy.
If you are raw.
If you don’t fit in.
We want you at Apostles.
At Apostles you will not find another program or manufactured performance.
You will not get pragmatic, feel good lessons that are an inch deep and a mile wide.
You will not get fake people who smile at you out of one side of their mouth and curse you with the other.
You will get people who have been lost, who have been hurt, who found what they needed, who found what they were looking for, who are still different, messy, and raw and aren’t looking to fit in to a prepackaged mold, but instead want to pursue God and bring Him glory.
You will get people who still stumble and fall, but also know how to get back up and keep going and are willing to offer a hand to those who stumble, those who fall, and those who are in need.
You will get people who will listen and who will try to understand and through it all will point to the one who overcomes everything and everyone.
You will get people who love Jesus and love you.
That’s who we are and we want you at Apostles.

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