Just another poem. How do I live? How do I carry on despite everything? Everything the world is throwing at me and everything of my own doing? This contains my answer… 


I have hope

Despite it all


The folly of it does not escape me

I am not totally blind

To the world I see

Not yet

I cling with aching fingers to it

The irrationality of hope


The drumbeat gets louder

Beating relentlessly

Pound, pound, pound

I am not submitted



Not just outside

But inside I am aware of my fault

They do it to me

I do it to myself

Another attack, another incursion

Another slip-up, another misstep

But I do not give in

Not yet


Instead I bow down

In the face of pain




Everything the world throws out at me

Everything I throw at myself

I bow down

To the only One who can make something

Of this disorder

He is the Reason


Despite it all

I still have hope

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