Hype Man

I see it all the time.  Maybe too much.

And yes, maybe I am jealous that no one famous comes to my small church.  Maybe I wish LeBron James or Stevie Wonder or Bono would attend my church.

And yes, if one of them did I would be probably be star-struck and take selfies and plaster them all over social media.

Or maybe I wouldn’t.

Of all the things that a church, that the church, should be known for hyping – it shouldn’t be stars or athletes that attend their church.  It shouldn’t be the latest and greatest program.  It shouldn’t the the fact that the church is involved in the current fad and is therefore hipper than most (hipsters anyone?).

The church should hype Jesus.  Always Jesus.  Only Jesus.

That said…if Bono were to show up at Apostles Church Broken Arrow tomorrow, that would be all right (he would just take a backseat to Jesus).

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