Leaving Church Letter

Below is just something I had worked on and created a few years ago. It was a draft of a letter to be used if someone who was a member of a church was leaving. It was not adopted by the church I was attending at the time, but now as pastor of a church myself, it is something I will revisit and use. Thankfully, I have not had to yet give this to anyone just yet – but I will. It is inevitable. People leave churches.
As I think about it, really no one ever leaves a church. We are all members of God’s church, of the Kingdom of God. So no one really leaves, they simply transfer their body from one group of people to another, but we are all connected as the church. So any success one church has, every other church shares as well. We all share and rejoice in the successes.
But I digress. The draft of the letter is below:

Dear what’s his name and/or what’s her name:

We at So-And-So Church have a slogan of sorts, “It’s Better When You Are Here”. And for the past few years So-And-So Church has been better because of you. You have served us faithfully as a teacher, band member, cook, kid’s leader, etc. You have touched lives and no matter where you go you will always be part of our family.

Leaving a church, for any reason, is never easy and we know that you have prayed and feel God leading you to another church. Please know we will pray for you and if there is anything you ever need we will be here for you.

We not only want to thank you for what you have done, but any future success So-And-So Church has – you have a hand in. You are part of the foundation that God has built and therefore every salvation, every life touched, every life change is in part because of the sacrifices you have given.

We will miss you and hope that as time allows you find your way back for visits. And if God should ever lead you back to So-And-So Church know that you will be welcome back with open arms and smiling faces.

In Christ,

So-And-So Church leader-type person

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