Complete joy does not come from Facebook

Updated CNIV (Chris Not International Version) of 2 John 2:12
“I got lots to say. But Facebook and Twitter posts don’t cut it. I gotta see you face-to-face and then our relationship will deepen and I’ll be happy (and you will too).”

Facebook, Twitter, text messages, Instagram, even phone calls – they are all wonderful inventions. But God says they are insufficient. OK, he didnt mention them by name, but do you doubt God knew they would be invented? John writes (and others do too) that face-to-face meetings = joy. They are the meetings that bring true, real, meaningful relationships. Other means (letters, Facebook, etc) are simply supplements. Something to remember as you post about your life, your nap time, your food, your pictures, etc. They are simply posts and are not the basis of true joy. Face-to-face is where complete joy happens.


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