Oh well…more writing

What the heck, havent written here in a while. So thought I might as well write something, anything, lest they take my blog down for inactivity. Do they even do that?

Well, the end of the world is tomorrow apparently. And what is interesting is not that tomorrow Jesus returns because a preacher had de-coded the Bible and came up not only with the date, May 21, but the time as well, 6pm EST. As interesting as that is, even more so is the media coverage of this guy. I mean, Ive heard the dude speak on the news, and even someone with a third grade level of Bible understanding would realize he is wrong (now who knows, might Jesus return tomorrow at 6pm? Yeah he COULD, but not because this guy found the secret code), but I wonder why the media would choose to focus on THIS guy, with THIS message?

Why not spend the other 364 days focusing on preachers and teachers who offer forgiveness of sin, or feed the hungry, or visit prisoners, or take care of widows…you know what 99% of Christians do on a daily basis. Do Christians have issues, well uh yeah, we are still human after all, and fallen humans at that…but I find it funny the media always seems to decide to paint Christians with our lowest common denominators.

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