God Movement

I want a movement of God. And I know I am not the only one.

God is amazing…I want to see a powerful move of God. I want to feel the power of God fall all over me. I want to stand in awe at the mighty and powerful arm of God.

We all want that. We all pray for that, long for the day when God’s power and presence becomes so evident in our lives that it changes us forever.


Have you not seen the sunset?

A baby being born?

Ever ponder the planets, the moon, the stars?

Ever watch lightning move from the dark clouds of a thunderstorm and strike the ground?

Have you stopped to consider Jesus dying on the cross as payment for our sins?

I wonder…if we are not in awe of the beauty of the sunset as it sets on the horizon. If we cannot marvel at the miracle of life. If the universe no longer occupies our minds with wonder…If the awesome power of nature does not stop us in our tracks in amazement…

Will we recognize when God moves again?

Jesus died for us, he was brutalized, spit upon, mocked, ridiculed, tortured both mentally and physically…for you…

And we ask for a movement of God.

If we don’t stand in utter disbelief at the unwarranted and mysteriously beautiful crucifixion of Jesus do we have any chance of seeing God move in lesser ways?

I wonder, maybe God does want to move, maybe he wants to do something spectacular, maybe he already has but we have become so numb to the already amazingly magnificent moves of God that we will be unable to recognize them when they happen.

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