Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace

It’s a cool line from an equally cool hymn. It doesn’t need much breakdown really. Get me prepared to sing about you. Pretty basic.

But since I am in the habit of breaking things down, let’s break it down.

Tune my heart. Here we are asking God to prepare us. When I think about the preparation I don’t necessarily think of it as an altogether pleasant process. God disciplines the ones he loves. He shows us where we are wrong. Tell us what to do and what not to do. So the tuning process may not be the most enjoyable thing, but it is a necessary thing for the next step.

To sing thy grace. I am going to sing about God. I am going to tell of his wonders. I am going to shout about his love. In order to do this, I must first be tuned. The singing about God is wonderful, enjoyable, passionate, uplifting, it is what we were made to do.

I was thinking about me playing the bass guitar. I don’t get a whole bunch of excitement or pleasure or sense of satisfaction when I strap the bass on and tune the instrument, but I know if I do not tune I will be unable to function in a band where everyone else is tuned, so I go through the process and tune my instrument…now I am ready to play.

Once the playing starts all the tuning is forgotten. I don’t think about the tuning, the plugging in, the copying of music, etc etc etc. I forget about all the mundane processes and am lost when the actual playing starts.

That’s the way we need to be when it come to the things of God. We have to know that we are going through a process, that there is a tuning going on and the tuning is necessary for when we reach the singing. Whether it be playing an instrument, singing, leading a Bible study, preaching, going into prisons, helping the poor, whatever we do for the Lord we have to be willing to go through the tuning, the preparation process in order to be able to effectively minister in the area God has called us.

When God called us, he didn’t say everything was going to be great. In fact He kinda said the opposite. We need to be willing to take the punches if we are going to be able to pull off what God has for us to do.

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