No Reason

I have no reason to write right now. Except He is.

Nothing to rail about, nothing to whine about, nothing to praise God for, nothing to question Him about.

OK that’s not really true. Sure there are things going on that I don’t like. Sure every breath, every sunrise, every laugh from my children are all reasons to praise God for, but as I sit here, I have no focus for my aggressions, no pinpoint for my passion.

And that’s OK. It seems that when we are going through the storm, we ask and pray for peace and then when the peace comes we sit around and wonder why we feel so ‘blah’. We feel like nothing is happening, nothing is going on and we wonder what is wrong with us, at least I do.

So as I sit, maybe I should smile and be happy for the few brief moments of tranquility, because I know, from personal experience and from what I read in the Bible that tough, or tougher, times are right around the corner.

And that’s OK because the God I believe in says he will never leave me or forsake me, even when I feel like he is not there. He is.

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