This is just an excerpt from some writing.  It is a work in progress and is a rough draft, but I thought I’d put it up…

Even with good intentions I miss days and days of writing. Oh well maybe it’s the curse of being human or something? Or maybe it is even for all my talk of how I love writing and how beneficial I find it I don’t REALLY find it that good for me, I mean because otherwise I would make time for it, wouldn’t I?

But as I think, I don’t really make TIME for anything really. I work, eat, sleep, and do it all over again. Oh sure there are days when I write, when I sing, when I spend time with my boys, but it seems like for me consistency in so many areas I find important are difficult. Hmmm maybe it is because I take those things for granted…my writing will always be available, my guitar will always be there, my kids, my wife…but since I am a thinking man I know that one day, maybe soon, maybe later, but one day some or all of those things will be gone and I’ll be going over the lost opportunities I had with those things and so much more.

I don’t want to be in Heaven whining about how I missed this or that. I pray God gives me wisdom, strength, and courage to do what God asks and to do what my heart leads me to do.

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