Christmas thoughts

Get ready. If it hasnt started it will soon.

“How DARE stores tell people ‘Happy Holidays’!”
The rage of Christians everywhere is going to be boiling over as some stores go with the generic holiday greeting instead of the Merry Christmas that we all long for.
I mean its just crazy right? If these stores would just say Merry Christmas then everything in the world would be OK. People would walk into Wal-Mart, hear the greeter say, “Merry Christmas!” and they will drop everything and repent right there.

Dont get me wrong. We all know political correctness has gone way too far and in fact many stores have stopped commanding their employees to say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. But, they did not change their minds because of their love of Jesus and because of the evils of political correctness, they did it for one reason and one reason only…money.
Stores saw that many people were not shopping with them because of the stupid edict of not saying Merry Christmas and they changed their minds to get money. Not because it was right or because of some great love of the Messiah.

I also wonder about the ‘rage’ Christians feel about this subject every Christmas time. (It is about equal to the outrage of abortion that occurs every 4 years.)
Should people say Merry Christmas. Yes. Should Christians be concerned about the ease of abortions and the death of millions of innocent lives. Absolutely. I just wonder where we might be in these and other fights if our rage and concern manifested itself throughout the year instead of only at certain times.

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