The evils of Technology

OK not really. I mean how can I sit here and rail against technology as I blog on my computer. I take calls on an iphone. I listen to music on my zune or my portable xm radio.
Not to mention watching Heroes, 24, and college football on my plasma TV.

But, I do think that in the near future, say the next 20 years, there is going to be an explosion of socially mal-adjusted individuals around. I think there is going to be major problems with depression and a score of other issues to deal with because of the explosion of technology and people not using it in a correct manner.
I will not talk about the perversion and disgustingness of pornography and other filth on the internet…thats too easy a target, but is also going to a huge problem. Our kids are being exposed to pornographic images at such an early age it is no doubt going to have an effect on their development and growth.

But I am talking about the use of technology for communication. Texting, twittering, facebooking, etc. These are all valuable tools that should be used as ENHANCEMENTS to communication, but are rapidly becoming the chief means of communication.
Heck there are even “virtual churches” now. From the comfort of one’s own home you can listen to worship, hear a sermon, and now there are even churches who are offering the Lord’s supper and baptism ONLINE.
Oh sure, how convenient. But also how silly. I mean Paul in his letters to various churches expressed regret of not being able to be at the churches in person and visit with people face-to-face. Paul recognized the importance of the face-to-face as being better then sending a letter or a text. (OK Paul didnt have a cell phone, but you get the point)

There is no alternative to meeting someone face-to-face and being able to hear them, smell them, touch them, to know them. You simply cannot truely KNOW someone by using texts, videos, twitters or whatever.

I know this is a disjointed post, but who cares, I am having trouble gathering my thoughts, probably a result of too much facebooking or something.

Our kids are going to miss out on communication skills, on verbal and non-verbal cues, on a whole slew of things and as they get older the depression and confusion is going to hit. Oh sure we could say that the whole world is moving this direction and we have to keep up…well probably true, but all that means is that the whole world is going to be missing the connection of the heart that comes from communicating, fellowshipping, spending time together IN PERSON. The whole world is going to be hurting.
(as a side note, looking for a career path, psychiatrist, social worker, counselor might be a rewarding path)

I dont really have a solution either. I do know that the church has the only real answer. But the church, to some degree, has already succumbed to using technology. Hopefully the churches offering online baptisms and online Lord’s Suppers are few and far between. Of course I can see how online churches might be popular. Heck who wouldnt think sitting at home and worshipping and getting baptized at home would be cool.
But just because something is popular or cool doesnt mean it should be pursued.

OK, so now text me, twitter me, facebook me, email me or comment on my blog about the evils of technology. (Alanis Morisette would be proud)
(dont bother talking to me in public about it…I dont like talking to people) just kidding.

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