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Havent posted on here in a while, so thought I would just for fun.
Have been working on a bunch of writing, but havent put finishing touches on any of them, so now its just some “uncommon sense.” I was gonna say deep thoughts…but Im not thinking right now and I am not deep.

I was thinking that the verse that people quote to say God is gonna bless them might be used wrongly. Imagine that, Christians using verses wrong. (and yes I include myself in that category).
Anyway. The verse that says, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added to you.” If you are a Christian no doubt you have heard this verse, and also no doubt you have heard this verse as a way of you being blessed. Do God’s will, seek Him and He will bless you with “all these things”.
First lets just admit that in America today, many preachers when they say blessings, they really mean cash. Cash money. All about the benjamins.
The prosperity gospel has taken root in the USA thanks to many of the happy, smiling, cant-say-that-Jesus-is-way-and-the-truth-and-the-light-on-national-television preachers.
Which is funny when you think about it. We live in the USA. The most prosperous nation around. We have so much stuff, its coming out of our ears. Heck, stats show if you have a few dollars in your pocket you are one of the top 20% richest people in the world…and here we sit in America asking God to “bless” us.
WE ARE BLESSED ENOUGH. I wonder sometimes if God isnt up in heaven watching these prosperity preachers and saying…”uh dudes, Ive blessed you, Ive blessed you a bunch…go out and serve others and tell them about my Son.”

Sorry got off track. The verse. If you read that verse in context, the “all these things” are talking about food, drink, and clothing.

Go figure.

Well, enough for now. Just some ranting on a Friday night. Kids are watching TV, wife is asleep early so she can get up at 5am and go running…she’s way more better than me.

Peace peeps

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