How come?

Not a complaint or anything, just something I’ve thought about…let me know what you think, besides that I am completely nuts.

How come when people “hear from God” it is always some amazing, wonderful saying or prophecy of good/great/wonderful blessings to come?
I heard from God and…
I’m going to get that job.
I am healed.
The darkness is ending and my life is entering the light.
Riches await me this new year and my struggles are over.
Now can God do these things?  Absolutely.  He can do them and much much more…
But how come you never hear anyone, ever, anywhere, say I heard from God and He told me I was going to have tremendous stuggles this year?
I heard from God and He said heartache would follow me the rest of my days.
Now before we all get in an uproar and claim that God would never allow bad things to happen to us lets stop and think for a minute.  Oh wait I have to clear my throat…
Ahem…cough cough Job cough.
OK there thats better.  Again, not saying, Im just saying.
I think the mark of a mature Christian is one that can worship, follow, and truely love God no matter what the circumstances.
It seems many of the mega-churches in America are serving up a watered-down, feel good, tickle the ears Christianity.  Heck the pastor of one of the mega-iest churches in the country said on the air that their church chooses, chooses, chooses to NOT have any crosses anywhere at their huge complex and they dont ever talk of sacrafice or the blood…BECAUSE IT MAKES PEOPLE UNCOMFORTABLE!
Blessings or struggles…Peace or trials…Glory and sufferings….it shouldnt make a difference, God is still God and is worthy to be praised.
And lest someone think I am preaching, well I guess I kinda am, I am preaching to myself!  I am not there.  I mean I love the verse that says we will share in Christ’s glory – AMEN, but uh the part that says we will also share in His sufferings – uh no thanks!  Sorry just being honest, I saw the Passion of the Christ and it doesnt look like fun.
Anyway, what turned out as a simple question has turned into a rant and Im going to stop before I hurt myself.
Thoughts?  Comments?

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