Some random thoughts…

No real defined article just yet, just some thoughts.

Some people have left my church. It happens at all churches from time to time…and I hate it. Unless God calls a person to leave a church I hate when someone leaves a church because their feelings got hurt or because of a misunderstanding or because of selfishness or whatever…I dont like it.

In fact I still am holding out hope that the people who have left my church will one day “come back home”. But thats just me…

Anyway. Was talking about people leaving church with some friends and on my way home I asked myself…self I said…what have you done to make some people leave the church?
I didnt just give this a passing thought, I thought about it deeply. When I came to the conclusion that I hadnt done anything to make someone leave a smile came across my face and if I wasnt driving I would have patted myself on the back.

Just then another questions popped into my head…I’m sure its just a coincidence…

What have you done to make people stay?

Yeah thanks. Just when I was being all happy with myself…I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now.
Have I been friendly enough? Not just with the people I know or am comfortable with, but with everyone?
Have I reached out to the hurting and lonely?
Have I had too much focus on myself at the expense of others?
Have I used the skills God has given me or have I kept them hidden or only used them half-heartedly?
Have I seen things needing change and instead of speaking up or making the change myself have I waited for others to do it? (I mean I do so much already…thats sarcasm peeps)

The sad part is that this is just a partial list of questions I have asked myself since I was hit by the “what have you done to make people stay” thunderbolt and I pretty much answer in the negative every time.

Just a thought and knowing me I’ll have a new question soon and I’ll be consumed by something else for the next few weeks.

In the mean time Lord, help me to be the best me I can be. Help me to love others. Help me to step out in faith and put others needs above my own. Grant me strength and guidance and peace as I continue to try to reach out to others with the love of Jesus.

Can I get an Amen?

OK maybe not an Amen? A comment? A question? A point of contention?


3 thoughts on “Some random thoughts…

  1. All good points and you are a deep guy. An off topic question. What if God gave you talents and knowledge that is continually unvalued and unwelcome at church? Is it right to swallow them for the sake of “keeping the peace”?

  2. See now thats what I like, a question that doesnt have an easy answer.My first response is no.But even as I type that I am thinking of all kinds of situations so I have to wrap my mind around this one…which I like as you know.Ill be thinking…

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